Flexible and bespoke full-service marketing support for the healthcare industry

Expert marketing for healthcare

The healthcare industry is rapidly growing and changing. To respond, healthcare brands need fast and effective marketing support, strategy and execution. At RHM, we bring a depth and breadth of healthcare experience that delivers results. First time.

We understand healthcare, the industry and the audiences. So we can target the best tactics to drive enquiries and referrals. On time and on budget. When it comes to your marketing strategy, trust the experts.

Our clients 

We work with some of the UK's most prominent healthcare companies, SMEs and individual healthcare professionals and business owners.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the leading healthcare brands that trust us with their marketing:

How we help

RHM works from your commercial objective through to Value Proposition development to tactical delivery. From beautiful brands and websites to hard-working DM campaigns that deliver on the numbers. We can also provide ongoing marketing support, acting as a strategic adviser.

  • Strategy designed to deliver

    The best tactics in the world won’t work if it’s not supported by solid strategy. We help make sure your strategic approach will deliver on your commercial goals. This involves gaining deep insights on your market, your audience and your offer to develop an effective strategy.

  • Digital all joined up

    Digital has given marketers new ways to engage and deepen their relationship with audiences. From harnessing the power of social to laser targeted SEO, digital advertising and data analytics. We join these exciting tactics with your strategic goals and deliver on both.

  • Creating stand-out brands

    Your brand is a promise you make to your customers. If that promise is powerful, and true, you’ll increase loyalty and engagement. In our hyper-connected world where there is so much messaging, developing a distinctive brand that clearly connects with your audience is a must. At RHM, we help with the strategic side and then deliver engaging brand content like stories, photography and messaging to help you develop a deeper, more meaningful, relationship with your audience.

  • Websites that work

    Your website has become the first port of call for potential customers. And their expectations are increasing year on year. A simple, engaging user experience is now an absolute must. At RHM, we can help you rebuild your website from scratch, refresh it or just take care of it over the long-term. The objective is always to make sure that your digital presence delivers on its potential.

  • Content that connects

    In healthcare, powerful content and stories can be one of the most powerful ways to bring your brand to life for customers. We connect your services with their priorities. That’s what great content’s all about. This will help you build relationships and increase loyalty and conversion. We can help with medical copywriting, blogging, PR and video production.

  • Expertise on tap

    Our flexibility is our strength. We provide long-term support to our clients – always there when they need a hand to deliver a critical campaign or a critical friend to formulate their strategy. By being there when they need us, not when they don’t, they get market-leading expertise at a fraction of the cost of having that overhead in-house. It’s a win-win for everyone.